Maintenance for a New House

So you have just bought a new house and you want to make sure that everything is in good working order.  While you had an inspection done and that made sure that there were no big problems the inspector doesn’t pay as much attention to the small maintenance items that you as the homeowner should.  Maintenance for a new house is fairly easy and it is usually just minor issues that you should take care of before they turn into big problems.

When a homeowner is getting a home ready for sale, they focus more on the appearance than small problems.  Most of it is just neglected issues and they get overlooked when the time comes to close.  The buyer wants their check and you want to get settled in your new home, the home inspector didn’t find any major issues so the deal went through.  Now that you are in your home it is time to do some basic maintenance. Here are a handful of things you should look at first.

  • Shoddy Repairs: If you see repairs around your home that don’t quite look right, it’s probably because they were done in a hurry by someone who isn’t really handy. Things like cupboard doors that don’t open or shut properly, running toilets or dripping taps.  These are minor issues that you can easily fix yourself.  Homeowners are often in a hurry to get their home sold and they do repairs in a hurry, they don’t care if it is fixed properly only that it looks good.
  • Change the Filters: Home inspectors will take a look at your HVAC system and make sure that it works, but that’s it.  You need to replace the filters at least once a year.  In the fall before you turn the heat on for the winter your air filters should be changed.  Check them out now regardless of the time of year and replace them if need be. You should actually get an HVAC company in for regular annual maintenance.
  • Caulking Around the Bathtub: Old caulking looks terrible and if you have cracks in the caulk or grout you can get water behind the tile and the whole wall can rot. It can cost thousands to fix and replace.  This is something you can easily fix for less than $20.  Scrape off the old caulking and re-caulk around the tub and you’re done.
  • Wood Rot: This should show up on the inspection but take a closer look in the attics, basements and bathrooms for any sign of wood rot.
  • Clean Your Rain Gutters: Your rain gutters are there to take the water running off your roof and to keep it away from your home.  In the fall the gutters get filled with leaves, branches and debris and that keeps the water pooling around your roof instead of carrying it away.  You can end up damaging your roof if you don’t keep your gutters clean.

Buying a new home means that you have taken on the responsibility of everyday maintenance.  When you first buy your home don’t forget to make sure everything is in working order before you get caught up in the excitement of the new place.